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Pipe Lining and Sewer Repair Company

Explore the Future of Drain, Pipe and Sewer Repairs with NuDrain Utah: No-Dig, No-Damage!


Fed up with the hassle and damage caused by traditional excavation for drain, sewer or pipe repairs? Experience NuDrain Utah’s cutting-edge trenchless technology. We specialize in non-invasive CIPP lining solutions, revolutionizing plumbing maintenance across Utah. Our state-of-the-art CIPP method ensures your property remains pristine, safeguarding your landscaping, driveways, and outdoor areas from any harm.


To address various pipe issues like blockages, root intrusions, and corrosion, specialized tools and methods are used, tailored to each unique situation.


Using existing access points, a flexible liner soaked in epoxy is inserted. Once in place, an internal bladder expands, pressing the liner firmly against the interior of the pipe.


The resin quickly hardens, usually within minutes, after which the internal bladder is deflated and withdrawn. This process results in a new, seamless inner pipe, effectively a “Pipe-within-a-Pipe”.


Our pipe lining technology is versatile, suitable for various systems including drains, sewers, storm water, and roof drains. It’s effective for all common drainage pipe materials in both residential and commercial properties. The technology can be applied to pipes ranging from less than 2 inches to over 12 inches in diameter. Its use of existing plumbing access points ensures minimal disruption, avoiding extensive digging and preserving buildings and landscapes. This method is efficient, preventing closure of homes or businesses and reducing system downtime.


Initially, a camera inspection is conducted on blocked or corroded pipes, followed by cleaning using various techniques.

An epoxy-soaked liner is then introduced through an existing access point and positioned inside the old pipe. An inflatable bladder inside presses the epoxy against the pipe walls. After the epoxy sets, the bladder is removed, leaving a seamless new pipe within the original structure.

NuDrain’s Cold Cure UV liners quickly set in minutes


  • An increase in flow rate

  • Elimination of weakened joints

  • Sealed cracks and holes

  • Eradication of potential of groundwater pollution.

This lining process significantly prolongs the lifespan of pipes while minimally impacting residents and properties.

What Are The Benefits



Pipe relining is cost-effective, eliminating the need for extensive plumbing teams or heavy machinery. The non-invasive approach avoids opening walls or disturbing landscaping, leading to a quicker process and reduced reconstruction costs, enhancing its affordability.


The pipe lining technique is designed for minimal interruption, usually completed within one day. This method avoids the need for digging or destruction, resulting in less mess and a negligible impact on your daily activities.



NuDrain’s pipe lining offers a comprehensive solution, enhancing the structural integrity of drainage pipes beyond their original state. This lining method not only blocks tree root infiltration but also ensures a smoother and more consistent water flow.


Why NuDrain

NuDrain stands out as a top innovator in small diameter pipe restoration, offering solutions for a variety of pipe sizes, from 1 1/2” to 12” and larger custom sizes. Their technology is applicable to various pipe materials like clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, plastic, and fiberglass. Suitable for diverse settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial, NuDrain’s services are effective for internal and external pipe repairs, even capable of bridging significant gaps caused by corrosion.

Used For

NuDrain’s services cater to a range of systems, including sanitary sewer and drain pipes, ensuring efficient drainage and sewage management. They also specialize in roof drain systems, maintaining effective water runoff from buildings. Their expertise extends to vertical sanitary systems, crucial for multi-story structures, and storm drain systems, critical for managing heavy rainwater flow.

NuDrain’s installation process is versatile, allowing for application in complex pipe configurations including junctions and bends, both horizontally and vertically, in a single operation. It’s also capable of adapting to pipes with multiple angles, branches, and varying diameters.

NuDrain’s technology enhances water flow efficiency. It offers the flexibility of starting and stopping the lining process at any chosen point in the pipe, optimizing sectional lining. Moreover, their lining solutions align with or surpass key industry standards, including ASTMD790, D638, and D543.